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Visiting a patient at the Rehabilitation Hospital

Physical Therapy Immediate family members are an integral part of the rehabilitation team; therefore, we encourage family involvement during therapy. The care manager will set up a schedule with you and your family.

Your well-being is our main concern and sometimes the number of visitors may be limited to maximize recovery.

If you are expecting an unusually large number of visitors for a special occasion, please inform your nurse. Children may visit with an accompanying adult after notifying the nursing staff.

Family Involvement

During your first day in The Rehabilitation Hospital, you will be given an orientation session by your care manager. It is very important that you and your family understand the goals of the rehabilitation program as well as our daily routine at the hospital.

Following the completion of your initial evaluation, the care manager will schedule a conference with you, your family and your rehabilitation team members to review the results of the evaluation and the plan of treatment. You will have the opportunity to discuss your personal goals and to work with the team to develop a treatment plan and a projected discharge date. Family members are encouraged to actively participate in the rehabilitation program.

Visiting Hours

We prefer that people not directly involved in family education visit after your daily therapy sessions.

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