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Driver Evaluations

The Driving Evaluation and Training Program assesses an individual's ability to safely drive a vehicle Additionally, the program provides training for individuals who need to improve their driving skills and/or require the use of adaptive equipment to drive. 

Driving evaluations are two to three hours long and take a comprehensive look at an individual's physical, cognitive, visual, and perceptual abilities, as well as how those skills relate to the dynamic task of driving.

Each client participates in both a clinical and behind-the wheel assessment that includes:

  • An eye exam assessing visual acuity, depth perception and peripheral vision
  • Multiple assessments of thinking and processing skills
  • Assessments of strength, coordination and sensation.
  • Behind-the-wheel assessment in an evaluation-equipped vehicle in multiple settings.
  • At the end of the evaluation, the results are reviewed and recommendations are made in collaboration with the referring physician.
  • Multiple therapeutic interventions are available to address safe driving skills.

Who may benefit from an evaluation?

Individuals may benefit from an evaluation if they are experiencing any of the following:

  • a demonstrated impairment in attention, memory, or comprehension
  • difficulty performing visual tasks or has a disease affecting vision
  • there is a question as to safety of driving by the client or his/her family
  •  a recently history stroke or brain injury or suffers from an ongoing neurological disease
  • other medical conditions that may impact driving performance, such as peripheral neuropathy, amputations or high blood pressure.

A physician referral is needed to participate

Driver Evaluations and Training is offered at the following location:

Lee Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness
2070 Carrell Road
Fort Myers, FL  33901

Scheduling and information: 
Fax a physician referral to 239-418-2090

For more information contact us at



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