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SHARE Club (50 Plus) - Computer Learning Center

SHARE Club Advantage or Plus membership required.

New Phone Number  239-424-3765

    2 hour class each week        for five weeks.

Registration for our computer classes are on a first come first serve basis. After we receive your registration we will put you in the first available class. We offer 7 sessions a year with classes available Monday through Friday either 9:00 am to 11:30 am or 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Beginning Computer Course - $40.00

Beginners Computer course gets started with the very basic. Personal Computer Positioning and Mouse Control Skills are the first and foremost importance in learning how to use a computer. Early lessons are learning about documents and how to save each as a file and open an existing file from a flash drive. The final weeks are a brief introduction to the Internet and creating an E-mail. Print Shop is introduced as a means of awareness of how to make and create greeting cards.

Word Processing Course - $45.00

Word Processing becomes fun when you learn how to create your newsletters with borders and shading and personalizing your own letterhead. Gain knowledge of file folder management and keyboard shortcuts. Managing windows does take some effort, but the rewards are enormous. A prerequisite course of study can be our Beginning Computer Course.

Print Shop / Advanced Print Shop - $50.00

Learn to design your own greeting cards. Create signs or banners for use in upcoming social events. Make letterhead, business cards, calendars, notepads and bookmarks.

Spreadsheet / Database - $45.00

Database will teach the basics for producing lists of data, such as names, address, phone numbers used in address books and card lists. Learn to merge these into other programs. Spreadsheet will give you knowledge of keeping track of your expenses, investments and other items. Learn how to create formulas to add, subtract, multiply, divide and average these items.

Using and Understanding Windows 8 - $36.00

This course will introduce you to Windows 8 operating system and how to personalize the start screen and desktop. You will also learn  to use the different applications.

Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System - $45.00

This course will teach you the ins and outs of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It will teach you basic operations, how to work with programs, files and disks, and how to customize Windows for your computer needs.

Caring for My Home Computer Windows 7 - $18.00

This course covers routine maintenance of your computer for optimal performance. Set automatic updates , install anti virus programs etc. Student should complete Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 first.


Caring for My Home Computer Windows 8 - $18.00

This course will cover how to make your web browser run faster, options for automating Microsoft Updates, anti virus and anti-spy wear programs and removing software and files from your computer

Internet and E-mail - $45.00

Learn ways to organize your internet travels as well as how to safeguard your computer when accessing sites. Join us to re-visit familiar places, find a person, a recipe, a vacation place, obtain NYSE Quotes and then, you may save to your computer or print a copy. Create and send e-mail, reply, forward, and delete those unwanted messages. Working with your address book, inserting and downloading photos, etc.

Photo Editing - $20.00

This course will teach you how to work with photos in XP and edit photos in FxFoto.

eBay & Craigslist: Buying and Selling - $35.00

This course will teach you how to buy and sell on eBay and Craigslist.

To register for a program, call 239-424-3765 or print and send the registration form with your check to:

Lee Memorial Health System
SHARE Club Office
P.O. Box 2218 Suite 807
Fort Myers, FL 33902

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Call 239-424-3765 to register, or click here, print and mail the registration form to:

Lee Memorial Health System
SHARE Club Office
Box 2218
Ft. Myers, FL 33902

E-mail us at the Computer Learning Center

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