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What are Outreach Services?

If someone in your family has been involved in a trauma whether it was the result of an auto accident, motorcycle crash, a recreational accident, fall or an assault you already know the effects of that trauma impacts the whole family. Trauma Outreach Services are designed to assist families and patients as they navigate their recovery. Everybody's recovery is different.

The purpose of our Outreach Program is to provide additional emotional support and improve outcomes for trauma patients and the family. After a trauma some people believe that they think, feel and act differently. They sometimes feel alone and that they have no one to talk to and donít know where to go for help.

 Traumatic injury affects patients and families in many different ways.  Families and patients will often feel anxious, fear, anger loss and pain. These emotions are often intensified as the hospital stay lengthens, the bills mount and there does not seem to be an end to the recovery process.  

 Knowing that there is support and someone that you can talk to that has sat in the same chair you have can make a big difference.

Peer Mentoring

We offer free of charge a Peer Mentoring Program. This program provides connections, assistance, resource education and emotional support to patients and families from survivors and their family members.  To view our brochure for the Mentoring Program click here.   Trauma patients and families are encouraged to use members of this program to help deal with the emotional impact of trauma. If you would be interested in having a mentor or in becoming a mentor please call 239-343-2561. You can also download the application by clicking here and fax, mail or email the completed form to the Trauma Center.

Our fax number is (239)343-2968

Our address is Trauma Center,2780 Cleveland Ave. Suite 702, Fort Myers, Florida 33901

Comfort Bags

We know too well the strain the long cold lonely nights can have on a family. We are providing bags that will have some small comfort items in them and some resource material.  We are looking for lap size comforters and travel size pillow cases.    If you sew, knit, crochet or quilt and would like to make a small comforter or travel size pillow case to be included in these bags please call 239-343-2561.

Second Chance Celebration 

Surviving a trauma is something to celebrate. We invite friends, family and those impacted by trauma every year to our Second Chance Celebration. It is a time to gather with others and celebrate the success we have accomplished over the year. It is also an opportunity to renew friendships, make new ones and thank those who helped in our recovery.

The folks that we lost will have their name read and a butterfly released during a memorial ceremony. As survivors we hope you will join us for this very special event. Please call 239-343-2561 for more information.

Every year at the Celebration we award a Glancy to a Survivor, family member and professionals in the trauma arena. We look for people who have paid it forward, have gone above and beyond and have made a difference. Know somebody? Nominate them this year for a Glancy. Click here to download the application and return it to the Trauma Center by mail, fax or email.

Each year part of the entertainment at the Celebration is a  video that is revealed for the first time at the celebration. The theme is different each year. It's fun and it's free. Please feel free to get involved and become a star. Call 239-343-2561 for more information.

Memorial Quilt Project

In addition to celebrating our accomplishments we remember those who sadly lost their fight. We invite family and friends to re-memorialize their loved one in a number of ways. We encourage you to complete a memorial square that will be joined with others to complete a memorial quilt that is unveiled at the celebration. You can download information on the Memorial Quilt Project by clicking here.

We ask you to tell us about your loved one and complete any or all of the following sentences. "I will always remember when..... The thing I remember most about you is..... or I wish I had the chance to tell you...." After you complete them include a photo of your loved one. We will display them on a story board at the celebration. You can email, mail or drop off the photos, completed sentences quilt square and stories to the Trauma Center.

Trauma Awareness Month

May is trauma awareness month. We feel that it is important to remind our local governing bodies of the importance of the trauma center. We encourage you to get involved in this event. It takes very little of your time and has an everlasting impact on the commissioners. Call 239-343-2561 for more info.



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Trauma Facts

Every 4 seconds someone is traumatically injured and every 6 minutes someone will die from a trauma injury.

Trauma is the number one killer for those between ages 1 and 37.

Motor vehicle crashes comprise more than 50% of all trauma cases in Florida.

Trauma patient mortality reduces by 25% when that patient is treated for traumatic injuries in a TRAUMA CENTER rather than in a non-trauma center.

The average length of stay in a trauma center is 4.5-6 days.

Over 90% of admissions to the LMHS Trauma Center in fiscal year 2010 were due to "blunt force trauma" primarily related to auto accidents or falls.

On average, over 11% of patients treated in Florida's trauma centers have no health insurance.

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