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Trauma Facts

  • Every 4 seconds someone in the US is traumatically injured and every 6 minutes someone will die from a trauma injury.

  • Nationally, trauma is the number one killer for those between the ages of 1 and 44.

  • The "Golden Hour" is the first hour after a patient's injury. This is the most critical period within which the life or death of the victim usually is determined.

  • National studies show that patient mortality and morbidity is reduced by 25% when that patient is treated for traumatic injuries in a TRAUMA CENTER rather than in a non-trauma center.

  • The averages length of stay in a trauma center is 4.5-6 days.

  • Florida is divided into 22 trauma service areas, some of which have no active trauma center.

  • There are 22 trauma centers in the state of Florida.

  • Motor vehicle crashes make up more than 50% of all trauma cases in Florida.

  • In 2010,  42,916 Florida residents and visitors were treated in a trauma center in Florida.

  • About 19.4% of patients who enter a standard emergency room are uninsured.  Conversely, about 15.1% of patients who enter a trauma center are uninsured.

  • Since the Florida Legislature created the state's first trauma legislation in 1982, no consistent and sustained funding source for the trauma centers has been established on the state level.

  • In 1982 when Florida's first trauma legislation was passed, there were 50 trauma centers state-wide. Today, there are 22 state designated trauma centers operating in Florida.

  • The Florida trauma centers that have surrendered their trauma designation have done so due to the overwhelming financial commitments required to make a trauma center a clinically viable operation.

  • Lee Memorial Health System trauma center is the only trauma center on Florida's Gulf Coast between Tampa and Miami.

  • There are more than 1 million residents in the Lee County Trauma Services District.

  • More than 90% of admissions to the LMHS Trauma Center in Fiscal Year 2010 were due to "blunt force trauma" primarily to auto accidents or falls.


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