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The Lee County Trauma Services District

The Lee County Trauma Services District was created as an independent special district pursuant to chapter 189, Florida Statutes, by the 2003 Florida Legislature. The purpose was to financially support the provision of trauma services in Lee County, including the comprehensive emergency medical services for victims of trauma and trauma-related injuries provided by the State of Florida Level II Trauma Center operated by Lee Memorial Health System (LMHS). The District's enabling legislation establishes its governing board, officers, and meeting requirements, while also prescribing its powers and duties.

Pursuant to the provisions set forth in Section 163.01, Florida Statutes, the District has entered into an interlocal agreement with LMHS which sets forth the specific terms by which the District and LMHS intend to provide for continuing efficient and effective operation of the Lee Memorial Trauma Center.

As a public, not-for-profit healthcare system, Lee Memorial Health System is owned by the citizens of Lee County, Florida and operates under the direction of a publicly elected, 10-member board of directors. The LMHS Board also serves as the board of directors for the Lee County Trauma Services District.


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Trauma Facts

There are 21 trauma centers in the state of Florida.

The Lee Memorial Health System trauma center is the only trauma center on Florida's Gulf Coast between Tampa and Miami.

There are more than 1 million residents in the Lee County Trauma Services District.

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