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GROUP EXERCISE - Land and Aquatics  

Class Schedule - Summer 2016

Class Descriptions


Offering classes for all levels, beginners to advanced, to meet your fitness needs. We have classes 7 days a week, for your convenience. All instructors are certified to ensure quality instruction. Call 424-3228 for additional information regarding Group Exercise.

Les Mills International Programs:

A weight resistance class with adjustable weights & barbell.  The fastest way in the universe to get in shape!
A non-combat, martial arts-based program (55 minute class) choreographed to ten tracks of the latest music, providing an exhilarating exercise experience that delivers ultra-fast fitness results.
   Core training, Strength training, Functional fitness, Educated and experienced fitness professionals, Group personal training.  It will help you run harder...stand stronger!


Class Schedule: Therapy Pool & Lap Pool

Class Descriptions

Logo: Lee Center for Rehabilitation & Wellness

GROUP EXERCISE - LAND                      

Offering classes for all levels, beginners to advanced, to meet your fitness needs. We have classes 7 days a week, for your convenience. All instructors are certified to ensure quality instruction.

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Class Descriptions

BETTER BACK - Gentle core strengthening and flexibility for spine health.  Learn tips on back and neck care needs.  Exercises will be sitting, standing and lying on a mat.  Free to members.  $4.00 Share Club and $7.00 non-members.  Beginners welcome.

CARDIO FUSION - Combination of moves to enhance strength, balance, range of motion and aerobic conditioning.  Variety of equipment used:  weights, BOSU, bands, steps, body bars.  Instructor's choice.  All levels.

BODY RESISTANCE/KETTLE BELL - The ultimate workout using a suspension training system (movements utilizing body weight) and kettle bells or dumbbells.  Strengthens the entire body. Intermediate levels.

CARDIO, CORE & MORE - An exhilarating workout to improve endurance and core strengthening.  Combines cardio sequences and strength moves using various fitness equipment.  All levels.

BODY POWER - Improve strength and coordination while using all the muscle groups.  Different routines each workout.  All levels.

SENIOR CIRCUIT - Have fun and make new friends participating in exercises designed to improve strength, range of motion, and daily living activities.  Hand held light weights and elastic tubing used for resistance.  Chairs utilized for seated and standing support.  Class is free to members and $4.00 for SHARE Club members.

Cycling - Experience riding on flat fast roads, up hills and rough terrain, all while on a stationary bike. You are guaranteed to get a workout while jamming to music that will keep your heart pumping and the calories burning.

STRONGER BACK/ABs/CORE - It's all about your core!  A stretching and strengthening class that will increase your flexibility and range of motion.  All levels.

FLEX/STRENGTH/POWER - Combine strength moves while challenging your balance and improving flexibility.  All levels.

FLEXIBILITY SOLUTIONS - Increase joint mobility and balance through gentle exercises performed while standing and on floor mats.  A combination of stretching and simple yoga movements are used for strength and relaxation.  All levels.

DANCE FUSION - Enhance your fitness level with dance steps choreographed to a variety of music.  Easy to follow movement sequences.  All levels.

MS SOCIETY YOGA - Gentle yoga for Multiple Sclerosis Society only.  Registration is required.

H.U.L.A. - (Hooping Using Legs and Arms) this class is more than just working your middle!  Utilizing lightweight resistance equipment along with a hula hoop to build strength and stamina.  Beginners welcome.

STRETCH and RELAX - Increase range of motion and decrease muscle soreness and stiffness.  A great way to start your day or complete your workout.  All levels welcome.

For more information, please call us at 239-343-4980 (Fort Myers) or 239-424-3220 (Cape Coral), or e-mail us at:

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