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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if something abnormal is found?
    The purpose of the mammogram is to detect abnormalities in the breast tissue that warrant further investigation.  Abnormalities are found in six to eight percent of women who have screening mammograms.  This small group of women may need further evaluation, which may include diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound, needle biopsy and/or MRI.  Your mammogram will be read by our radiologist who is a board certified physician.  

    If you should need further testing, our office will contact you via phone or mail.  It is important to remember that most abnormalities found in mammogram results are not breast cancer.

  • If I need a biopsy, what does that mean?
    The mammogram can only show abnormalities; it cannot diagnose malignant or benign tissue. Only a tissue sample will do that. Therefore you may be referred to a surgeon for a consultation. If a biopsy is recommended for an area that can't be felt by your doctor, you will undergo either a stereotactic biopsy in the Breast Center or an open biopsy surgery procedure in Same Day Surgery. If open biopsy is recommended, a needle localization will be performed in the Breast Center to locate the area prior to surgery. You will then be sent to Same Day Surgery to have the abnormality removed.

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