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When you hear "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" playing overhead at Cape Coral Hospital, everyone knows that a new life has just entered the world in the Family Birth Suites. The real "stars," however, are the obstetrical nurses! They view birth as one of the most important life experiences for every new family.  Many of our nurses have been working on this unit since it opened on October 10, 1988.

At Cape Coral Hospital, our nursing staff practices the single-room maternity care concept in a welcoming, family-oriented environment. Mother stays in one suite throughout her stay in the hospital.

Women and newborns have the benefit of a state-of-the-art facility and nationally-certified nurses. Cape Coral Hospital Family Birth Suites include beautifully appointed suites with a Jacuzzi tub for hydrotherapy during labor and after you give birth. Birthing balls are available for use in labor, and a high-tech fetal monitoring system allows you to be up and walking during labor.

In addition to our family-centered deliveries, we also provide family-centered Cesarean births. Mom, dad (or support person), and baby stay together throughout the Cesarean birth from delivery through the recovery room. Breast feeding is even started in the OB Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

Cape Coral Hospital is home to 12 RNís who have received Mother Friendly Nurse Recognition from the Association of Nurse Advocates for Childbirth Solutions!


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