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At HealthPark Medical Center we offer spacious labor, delivery and recovery rooms (LDRs) and postpartum (Mom/Baby), along with our 18-bed OB Special Care Unit.  We consider a patient's family and friends a very important part of care, so fathers and significant others are always welcome.

HealthPark is one of 11 hospitals in Florida certified as a Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center. Our services include high-risk obstetrical care, Level II & III Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Neonatal Transport Teams. The goal of the program is to deliver optimal medical care to women with high-risk pregnancies and newborns with complications. Studies have indicated that outcomes can be greatly improved by providing this specialized health care to pregnant women and newborns who are at high risk.

Labor and Delivery Suites

Our Family Birth Suites at HealthPark allow you to stay in one homey and comfortable room from the time you check in until after your baby is born.  When your special day arrives, you will be escorted to one of our spacious birthing suites. Jacuzzi tubs are available in the room for comfort during labor if desired.  Our team of labor-trained nurses and support staff will be ready with the latest technology as well as the touch of a hand and a reassuring voice. If special care is needed for high-risk mothers and their babies, specialists are just a phone call away.

Mother-Baby Postpartum Suites

We recognize the importance of the mother-baby bonding experience and make every effort to keep the family together as much as possible after birth. Babies routinely stay in their motherís room during their hospital stay in the mother-baby postpartum suites. While in the Mother-Baby Unit, the nurse caring for you will also care for your baby and answer your questions.

We welcome and encourage family participation during the postpartum period. Our expert nursing staff helps new parents by teaching them how to bathe, feed and care for their new babies, as well as offering printed educational information. In addition, we offer the services of certified lactation consultants for your convenience, comfort, and breastfeeding success.

OB Special Care

Most pregnancies are a time of joy and anticipation, but sometimes complications occur during pregnancy that require hospitalization.

The OB Special Care staff provides professional, specialized care to families experiencing complications of pregnancy. We understand the special needs of women and families facing the uncertainty of a high-risk pregnancy.

Whether your stay is 2 days or 2 months, we provide care designed just for your and your family through our interdisciplinary team of registered nurses, board-certified maternal/fetal medicine doctors, case managers, medical social workers, dieticians and other staff. A Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is close by and the NICU staff is available before your delivery to give you information on what to expect if your baby should need specialized care.

Family education and lactation consultants are available to prepare you for childbirth and breastfeeding your infant.

Pet therapy volunteers visit 2-3 times each week for those patients who are hospitalized for long periods of time, and the staff helps ease your hospital stay with activities like journaling, art therapy, crafts, and more

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